Shh! Be Quiet! In this noisy place of perfection…

Besides the chatters from our minds, do we take the time to listen to our body? Do we allow our body tell us why they are, what they are and feel their sensational wisdom? Here is a monologue of their feelings, thoughts and concerns. 

Before we shape it the way we want it to be, we must build up a better relationship with our body. Firstly, by acknowledging that our body is beyond mere flesh and blood. It is a fusion of our total energetic self! 

Enjoy knowing that your body is unique from the person next to you. Your body has powers all its’ own and a voice. This voice will be able to tell you more about YOU and your true needs to feel good and look good.

For some, this may sound new, unfamiliar and uncomfortable. For those practicing listening to their body nudges, know the healing gifts they’ve received beyond science.

Ready to be present in your body? So sit back, read and reflect with Body Homily.

With love,

Jenny Loke